Basic Facial Rigging in Maya

  • Eyelid control(6 controllers for top&bottom)
  • Blend Shape presets
  • Lips control(6 for lifting the lip)
  • Jaw control(one for bigger scale, one for detail)
  • Cheek control
  • Nose control (one for nose, one for tip, 2 for nose wings)
  • Brow control (6 controllers and one master control)
  • Mouth control

Human Rigging in Maya

  • IK&FK controls and switch. 

  • Reverse Foot Lock

  • Hand Poses preset

  • Prevent geometries flips

Python-Based Rigging

Help other team members quickly understandthe codes & functions.

Code is available on Github.

*Still organizing the codes for other uses.

Quickly build a Rigging Template

  1. Custom UI with Pyside/PyQt (Maya 2016)
  2. The python rigging setup can be used for similar creatures and build up rigging system very quickly. 

Main Controller Function

Autogenerate a controller allows users to -

  1. Switch the visibility of models and Joints.
  2. Switch the modes between Template, Normal and Reference.

Make Twisted Joint

Build IK for knee and elbow. 

  1. Duplicates joints from naming convention for inverse kinematics.
  2. Automatically groups, parents and constrains.
  3. Applies Advanced Twist Controls(dtce)

Rig Controllers

  1. Uses the code to avoid tedious tasks for parenting, organizing the hierarchy. Every controller has its offset group.
  2. Generates colored controllers from L/R or center controls from naming convention. Blue for L, Red for R and Yellow for master controls.

Export & Load Skin Weights

Load existing py script to export and load skin weight, which also allow user to transfer skin weights for similar objects.

*notes : the script uses Pyside/PyQt for Maya 2016 or older. I'm still testing the script uses Pyside2 for Maya 2018.