Asset Import Tool

User Friendly UI to manage large amount of assets.

Edits, import and delete reference files to speed up workflow.

Code available @ Github

latest update v1.20171220


Pose Recorder

Tool for animator to save poses in order.
Build poses library to quickly call and remove.

Code available @ Github


Super ToolBox

ToolBox for Maya user, includes tools for pipeline, transformation, animation and rigging.

Code available @ Github

latest update v1.20171208

Drop obj to ground

Center obj

Save file as .ma

Save file as .ma

Save file as .ma & .mb

Set file info

Import Reference

Rename - Joint Hierarchy

Rename - Inherit

Remove Keys

Add Joints and Constrain

Hide/unhide Joints

Other Tools

Rainer - Particle System

Rainer is a tool for 3Ds Max. With simple few steps, users could generate realistic rain & splash system with Particle Flow.

This system includes physical collision, rain drops & splashes and splatters control.

Space-Filling Curve

In the most general form, the range of such a function may lie in an arbitrary topological space, but in my testing project, the range will lie in the 3-dimensional space (space curve).

This tool is coded in Python in Cinema 4D.

Real-Map 3D City Generator

The tool is developed in Houdini,

and automatically creates city based on real-map

Using both Houdini & Unity Engine with OpenCV, Google map API.