Dynamic Rigging System for Maya

Dynamic Hair Rigging System & Dynamic Particle Rigging System,

using the feature of dynamic system to drive the model and skeleton automatically.

Step 1

Apply deformer to each tires separately to create a look of gravity.

Step 2

Constrain the locators in order to move the body of the car and keep balance later.

Step 3

Without moving the deform box(set the falloff to ALL), link the y-axis with the locaters to animate automatically.

Step 4

Create a particle with Particle Tool, set it use Goal with a sphere in it. This step will create a movement with spring motion of that particle.

Step 5

Set the locaters to aim to the particle, this will pass the movement to drive the car.

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Dynamic Hair Rigging System

An automated rigs for Maya. The dynamic hair-rigging system’s purpose is to drive joints automatically and dynamically real-time in viewfinder.


A solution for controlling and manipulating sections of models is using an automated rigging system that aid animators with producing quick and efficient rigs for animating character/object. 

This is a series of tests of dynamic rigs I've been working on and they have not been finalized yet.

Model from Clint Masden @ SketchFab