Tools For FX

Ways to that unexplored land where we could literally roam the earth in our collective mind.

Procedural Animation & Rigs

Digging deeper into the computational basis of visualization and creativity techniques. 


My determination to delve into the interactive digital media field. 


Facial Rigging

Basic facial rigging techniques, including ready-made expression sets for animator. (Click picture for further details).

Human Character Rig

  1. IK And Spline IK With Cluster Deformers.
  2. Creating The Leg Controls
  3. Spinal Controls Building.
  4. Hand Controls.
  5. Global Control and Skinning
  6. Poses set with expression.

Python-based Rigging

  1. Reduce time on repetitive parts.
  2. Fix broken rig by re-building.
  3. Be able to change and test quickly
  4. Consistency with pipeline by using library functions.
  5. Share code blocks and re-use them.
  6. Easy to hand over the work to someone else

Dynamic Rigging

  1. Uses dynamic simulation to control object or joints.
  2. No need to key any frame to make movement.
  3. Create natural and accurate subframe motion automatically.


Asset Import Tool for Maya

User Friendly UI to manage large amount of assets.

Edits, import and delete reference files to speed up workflow.


Real-Map 3D City Generator

The tool is developed in Houdini,

 and automatically creates city based on real-map

Using both Houdini & Unity Engine with OpenCV, Google map API.



Toolsets for Maya

10+ powerful function for improving production pipeline.

  1. Pipeline Tools - Export, reference..etc.
  2. Transformation Tools - Drop to ground, adjust pivot
  3. Pose Recorder - Save poses as library asset.


Rainer - Particle System

Rainer is a tool for 3Ds Max. With simple few steps, users could generate realistic rain & splash system with Particle Flow.

This system includes physical collision, rain drops & splashes and splatters control.

Space-Filling Curve

 In the most general form, the range of such a function may lie in an arbitrary topological space, but in my testing project, the range will lie in the 3-dimensional space (space curve).

This tool is coded in Python in Cinema 4D.



One of my game project using Unreal Engine 4 with Blueprint.


I love to code the general principles of a certain creation, 

and let the algorithm create details and customized it.